Culver City Fence and Gates Installations

Culver City is one of our favorite places to build. We are thrilled every time someone calls us with a project in Culver City. We are dedicated in offering the Culver City area high end, quality fencing, gates, wall extensions, refinishes and more. We are the best fence contractors in the area and work on both residential and commercial projects. We are committed to homeowners, business owners, property managers and general contractors. 

No matter your budget or vision give Los Angeles’s #1 Fencing Contractor a call at (310) 601-6616


Spreading Beauty in Los Angeles

Not every project is a simple standard fence. We often times get calls to build a custom horizontal fence, with a plexiglass topper and a custom keypad lock. If you couldn't tell by now we love building custom unique artistic projects in Los Angeles. Spreading beauty is our mission, and making that spread through out Los Angeles gives us pure joy!