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This is the latest automatic gate operator.

The Doorbird intercom - filled with all the tech that you could hope for.

They say, it's where "Technology meets Design."

We love design as well and it is such a pleasure to team up with a hi-tech gate opener. I have been doing custom work for so many years and an automatic gate opener is a common thing. Seeing the latest technology that is available, we are so impressed with the versatility that is provided in this techie little unit. The proper installation starts with the planning between the electronic installer and the wood installers. If those 2 do not work together, the final product can be a real disaster. We have to keep up with the quality and the beautiful modern design that the Doorbird has created. Therefore the custom woodwork that is needed to install one of these units properly takes a great team.

We have that team of custom woodworkers, metal workers and technicians to deliver the quality that any homeowner would appreciate.

Doorbird custom intercom installation - Los Angeles, California

Doorbird Intercom installation - With this unique, Hi-tech, modern approach to control your doors, gates and driveway gates. We do custom installations in the greater Los Angeles area and we focus on the westside.

Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Brentwood, Westwood, Marina Del Rey, Westchester, Playa Vista

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  • Sync up your smart phone to open your driveway gate or entry gate.

  • Built in HD camera.

  • Buzz your friends in from your phone.

  • Use a key fob to open the gates

  • Or just punch in a code.



Additional Technology + Custom Installations



  • Home Wifi Setup- 
  • Also Home Technology Training availible (1 Hour)
  • On-Site Setup or Diagnostic
  • Data Backup or Transfer
  • Email and Software Setup
  • Hardware Installation
  • Tablet & Phone Setup and Orientation
  • Virus and Spyware Removal +Advanced Network Setup


  • TV Connect
  • TV Mount – No Hardware
  • TV & Soundbar Mount – No Hardware
  • TV Mounting with AV Setup
  • Fixed and Full Motion Mounts available
  • On-Site Gaming Setup
  • Remote Control Programming
  • Connected Home Setup


  • Networking Security
  • Firewall/Antivirus
  • Remote Guest Access (For AirBNB, Home Sharing)


  • Advanced Control Setup
  • Connected Home Device
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