Los Angeles Concrete Installations

Over 25 years of experience.

Concrete Driveways, Block Walls, Plaster, Pillars, Columns

Plus Stone Masonry - Interior & Exterior

Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Venice Beach, Playa Del Rey

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We are proud to offer some of the best concrete driveway services in all of Los Angeles. High quality finishes are available in our plastering and also concrete painting. We have interior stone installations available around fireplaces, kitchens and bathrooms as well. Stone masonry is a beautiful way to add a fresh look to the exterior walls of your home or pool areas. Block walls and retaining walls are another specialty by our professional crews.

Custom Driveway Installation

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Columns, Pillars, Planters

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When building any retaining wall next to any sort of soil or water source, the concrete waterproofing is very important. While being time consuming and a bit more of an investment, the waterproofing is worth the added expense. There is a special type of waterproof material that we use to assure the best quality protection against moisture.

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Custom Stone Masonry

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Stone Installation for fireplaces and any wall, pool or exterior surface.

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Block Walls/Retaining Walls

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