We are more expensive than some of the other Contractors you'll find. We know that. We only (want to) give you the best-looking, longest-lasting finished product, so we do more than our competition.

We consider the following when calculating our Estimates:

  • Materials used (wood, steel, stain, etc.)
  • Site conditions (slope, access, demolition required, safety, etc.)
  • Location (we focus on the Westside of the Los Angeles area, outside our service area adds a cost)
  • Number of days to complete (again, an estimate)
  • Contingencies (every construction job has an unknown, so we're like boy scouts, prepared)

Benefits of a Harwell Design installation (or product) over the competition:

  • Lasts longer
  • Looks better
  • Requires less maintenance
  • More durable
  • Better construction
  • Costs less over time
  • The envy of your peers
  • Less warping, sagging, flaking, peeling, and splintering over time.

Expect our estimate to be 20% to 30% higher than our competitors. Get several estimates. We recommend it. Being (even marginally) educated in this arena can save you thousands and yield you even more if this is an investment property. The last thing you want is a giant regret circling your property, leering at you every time you arrive home after a long day, and taunting you each morning you escape it's clutches.

Review all estimates. Did they include everything you asked for? Did they think through the actual costs of completing the job to the standards of excellence you deserve?

If quality is not your number one focus, do not feel bad hiring a lower-priced Contractor. We completely understand.