It begins with Design.

Through conversations with you and analysis of your project site, we'll mutually choose:

  • Style - horizontal or vertical planks;
  • Pattern - alternating plank widths, spacing for visibility, etc.;
  • Color - solid, transparent, or a mixture, and;
  • Materials - type(s) of wood, fixtures if any.

Once the project details are set, we work out the budget and the schedule. (See below for payment details.)

Two or three days (sometimes more) before we arrive at your project site we begin the pre-treating process. We double-coat three of the sides of the planks and let them dry.

Next, we'll arrive at your project site and begin:

  • any light demo (by arrangement);
  • clearing the installation site and work area;
  • measuring, marking, and digging the postholes;
  • and, installing the posts (and/or frame).

We let the concrete set. The longer it sets, the stronger it holds.

Once the pre-treated frame is in place, we putty holes and fixtures that might be covered by planks. Those are sanded and sealed with two coats.

Then we begin installing the planks. This is the face of your installation and must be gorgeous. We:

  • measure, cut, and seal each plank;
  • we make sure to level each plank;
  • we fix it in place (nailed or stapled).

Up to now we've engaged best practices for durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. Then it is time for Finish Work. 

We putty every nail hole and let that dry. If there are new cracks that show up once the planks dry out, we seal those as well (with wood glue). We sand each plank and double coat them making certain the coverage is even.

If we are adding trim on a border, or fixtures on a gate, we'll do that toward the end.


We promise:

  • Consistent communication
  • Cleanup at the end of every workday
  • Outstanding customer service


Payment Details:

  • 10% Deposit secures your start date
  • 35% Materials gets us going
  • 55% Balance on completion

We'll communicate in advance of each phase so your project moves forward smoothly.