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Iron Fencing & Wrought Iron Gates

and Driveway Gates

Venice, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Culver City


Iron fencing and steel fences and gates are basically the same thing. Sometimes they are called iron fences and gates, but for the most part, this type of fence or gate is constructed out of steel. We typically use primer and paint as opposed to powder coated fences. Powder coating, in our opinion is an extended cost that is not 100% guarantee to last any longer than standard paint. The problem with powder coating is that the fence will rust from the inside and you cannot see it. All of a sudden your metal fence is rusted and falling apart. Especially in the Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey areas of Los Angeles. When you just add primer and paint and you see some rust forming on your fence or gate, you can just touch it up with metal paint to extend the life of the metal. With powder coating, if it starts to rust, you cannot really touch it up. Both methods are great, but 90% of our fences, gates and driveway gates are installed using the standard painting method.

These are a couple of examples of our iron driveway gate frames. The first image is a new idea where we add more design to the driveway gate frame and leave the steel frame exposed. The wood will be installed on the back the framework. Image 2 is set up for an electric, motorized gate installation.

Steel Gate - Custom Welding Santa Monica.png
los angeles - Custom steel gate .png
Modern - Steel Gate.jpg