Westwood Area Fencing and Gates Contractor

Never underestimate the power of teamwork, artistry and vision. Harwell Design is dedicated in offering the Westwood area high end, quality fencinggateswall extensionsrefinishes and more. We are the best fence contractors in the area and work on both residential and commercial projects. We are committed to homeowners, business owners, property managers and general contractors. 

No matter your budget or vision give Los Angeles’s #1 Fencing Contractor a call at (310) 601-6616


Every Detail Counts

We are detail oriented and can tell when something doesn't look right. So many contractors spend 1 to 2 days at a project and slap up a fence as quickly as they can to collect a check and move on to the next project. We take our time and make sure that no stone is left unturned. We make sure that every area is sanded and stain is applied evenly. We want every project to look perfect.