What do you suggest for termites?

If you are currently dealing with an infestation and it is not too far along, it may be possible to salvage the material and refinish. Otherwise, here's how raw materials stack up against these infernal creatures.

  • Pressure Treated Lumber is the best-priced option. This material is fabricated for exterior use. Chemicals are soaked in the wood to keep termites and moisture out. The raw materials with out any sealant still holds up for many years. We apply two coats of sealant which doubles the life of the wood.

REDWOOD - For the next best price,  Redwood provides protection against insects.  Some Redwood is better protection than others.

  • BEST Protection : Conheart Redwood has natural oils that keeps insects away. This type of lumber is the center portion of the redwood tree. This will add cost to your budget.
  • MEDIUM Protection:  Clear Redwood is the selected portion of the tree that does not have knots in it. This wood is dry and the best type of wood for a slick finish.
  • MEDIUM Protection:  Common Redwood - Selected portion of the tree that contains some knots in it. These are the standard 1 x 6 fence boards providing a much rougher finish. These boards are also green and will shrink after installation.

How tall can my fence go?

There are variations by municipality but these are some guidelines:

  • Front yard: 42 inches tall (any taller needs at least 50% visibility).
  • Back yard: 6 feet to 8 feet tall (most cities).
  • Post Depth: Posts are 24 inches into the ground.

What is the difference between paint and stain?

Stain soaks into the wood and shows the natural grain. (Transparent stain can be difficult to touch-up.)

Paint sits on top of the wood hiding blemishes and flaws. (It is also simpler to touch-up.)

When you are choosing between Solid or Transparent Stain there are several considerations:

Solid Stain is the longest lasting option, typically 5 to 7 yrs with two coats. We use the Decking Formula that is formulated for high traffic, extremely durable exterior stains.

Transparent Stain lasts 1 to 2 years with two coats. It requires additional time and labor to apply an even coat.

Our favorite Brand is Cabot - you can get more information about their commitment at www.cabotstain.com

What is your service area?

We service the greater Los Angles area. Our shop is in Mid-City. Travel, ingress and egress, and any other costs or foreseeable contingencies are calculated into labor. 

What would raise the cost of my project?

Possible contingencies which may add Labor Charges include but are not limited to: major demolition, digging in concrete, building on a slope, building above 8' tall (from the ground), porous earth, untame/unleashed pets, tree roots, falling branches, sprinkler systems, plumbing, gas lines, old fence posts, buried treasure, crazy neighbors, restricted access to the property, or restricted parking.

Essentially, every job should count on a 5-15% contingency fund for stuff we can't see when we start.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We do. Payments made by credit card are charged an additional 3%.

What are your payment terms?

Payments are due as follows:

  • 10% to Reserve Start Date
  • 50% on Project Launch Date (order materials)
  • Balance on Project Complete Date

(large projects may have additional payment release dates based on previously agreed milestones)

What is a Design Consultation?

A Design Consultation takes place in two phases:

First, we come to your location and look at what's currently going on. There are many factors to take into consideration. Think about what type of experience do you want your environment to provide. Think about privacy, security, and increasing the value of your home.

During this visit we'll also identify features which can pose challenges for anchoring and style, like slopes, concrete, or porous earth. This is a thorough examination of your site.

Second, you'll visit our spacious showroom where we'll walk you through the various wood types, finish (stains and sealers) options, and colors. While here you'll gain a solid understanding of our process and the products we stand behind.

By being thorough in this manner, we can communicate and collaborate on the project enough to have a cohesive shared vision for the project before we begin.

When you hire us to complete the job, your consultation fee is applied to your deposit. If you choose to do the work yourself, you'll be highly educated and escape most of the whammy's that can arise on an exterior construction job. If you choose to hire someone else, you'll know how to manage the project with wisdom and insight. 

Fees are applied to your Deposit. They are non-refundable. Large projects may require a design retainer through the planning phases.

What is a Client Portal?

We've found it is the best way to remain in touch, and on track. The client portal is for communication on financials and timelines. We'll invite you to configure your portal by creating a password. (We never know what your password is, but you can reset it if there's a problem.) Once it is set up, you can log in and look at your transaction history, comment on estimates, approve estimates, even pay for open invoices, all through your portal.

(If that much technology is too much for you, we remember how we did business twenty years ago, too. We're no strangers to a hand shake.)

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