Wooden Fences and Wood Gates

Venice, Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, Brentwood

This fence and gate page is focused on the use of the Common Redwood. This type of wood is a lower cost here in Los Angeles compared to the fence boards that we use on the designer fences and HD fencing. This wood is known as clear redwood. "Clear" refers to having no knots, and it is also a much smoother, higher end finish because this wood is also dry.

Common redwood is generally on the "greener" side of fencing materials. That is the main reason that it saves you money, because "green" refers to wet wood. When it dries out this wood can split, crack etc. It also shrinks to provide 1/8" - 1/4" gaps between the fence boards, even if they were touching when it was assembled. Our midrange fences and gates still contain all of the professional craftsmanship that we are known for, as well as the finishing details even when this common redwood is used. 

Note: the fences on this page will save you 25%-35% compared to the fences on the designer fence category.