Wood Fence Installation in Los Angeles - Who do you Choose?

We offer Great Quality and still a nice wood fence at a lower budget.

We are family owned with over 30 years of experience. 

Our fences always look beautiful on both sides! 

If their price is lower, it is simply because of lower quality...And there is less attention to detail.

  • Our framework and structure is always built  for maximum longevity, durability and visual appeal. 
  • We set all of our wood fence posts in concrete and they are either pressure-treated, or redwood. Both last for many years.
  • When we build a wood fence, we build it w/ at least 3 railings to nail to. 
  • The backs of our fences are also very nice - neighbor friendly.
  • These 3 railings prevent the boards from warping.  
  •  We are very careful to make sure that the framing boards are in the same line. This is a nice detail that makes this budget project stand out as truly handcrafted fences.
  • If you have framework that is not installed properly, you will end up with a fence that costs the same but does not compare in appearance and durability.

Our budget minded, standard wood fences are a low price, but they are still built using high-quality craftsmanship all over Los Angeles.