Reclaimed Wood Project!

       We are very excited to show off our new reclaimed wood option of fencing and gates. The most recent project we did was a reclaimed Wall Extension with an entry gate to give some extra privacy for a back yard. And also to enclose the yard for a new puppy! Using reclaimed wood is a little trickier than you might think. It takes a trained eye to piece together the right shades of reclaimed wood. You definitely want a balanced looking piece visually. Our resident artist and master wood worker Jake Harwell was the brains behind our wall extension. For more view our website that includes our other reclaimed wood projects. Don't be shy, if you are interested please reach out and let us know how we can help you!

(310) 601-6616. 

Reclaimed Wood Page


Driveway Gates At Harwell Design are One of a Kind!

We make sure every detail is covered when it comes to any one of our projects. But with driveway gates especially due to the constant movement of the door. Most driveway gates begin to sag over time and make it hard to close or open properly. Here, at Harwell Design we make sure all our driveway gates have secure steel posts and are built to last. We pride ourselves in being the #1 Driveway Gate Contractor in Los Angeles. When it comes to design, customer service and overall experience through out the building process we are hands down the best in Los Angeles. Our commitment to detail is like no other in Southern California. We do things right the first time! 

For more design ideas visit our Driveway Gates Page


4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard For Summer!

Spring time is here! And that means outdoor summer parties are around the corner! If you’re going to entertain in your yard, you’re going to have to turn it into an awesome space that can accommodate your friends & family. Here are some backyard design ideas that can help you get started.

1. Install an updated fence

Before inviting your neighbors over, you’ll want to make sure that your yard is worth showing off. This may mean updating elements like your fence—or adding them if your yard is bare. Tall privacy fences create an intimate setting for enjoying spring and summer afternoons and evenings. Beautiful cedar and other bright woods produce a warm, secure ambiance that keeps the good vibes in and your nosy neighbors’ prying eyes out. 

Harwell Design Blog 2.jpeg

2. Add screens so mosquitos aren’t invited too

Screening in an area on your patio area can provide additional protection from mosquitos, which might otherwise carry your pets or small children off in a swarming cloud. Screening is often affordable and is an easy home improvement project for even DIY novices. Installing screening before the mosquitos descend on us once more will allow you to maximize your yard time, letting you enjoy your space throughout the outdoor seasons. Your friends are also much more likely to agree to come to your summer barbecue if they know they’ll be safe from the itchy terror of dozens of mosquito bites!

3. Add lighting so your guests can actually see each other

Harwell Design Blog.jpg

Good lighting becomes a necessity once the sun sets. However, the harsh light from your back door or flood light fixture can instantly kill the mood at your party or gathering. Lighting can be effective without being irritating. Outdoor floor lamps with soft colored, low-wattage bulbs cast a warm, inviting glow that won’t make your guests uncomfortable. You may also opt for the pleasant flicker of Tiki torches…or even a fire pit! The light from these sources works well with strong lights, sconces, or other temporary lighting sources. If your torches use oil as a fuel source, you can load them with oil, which gives off a subtle fragrance that keeps mosquitos away.

4. Give your guests something to gather around

All successful outdoor parties provide people with a place to gather, and that’s what your yard should become too. A fire pit is one element that provides a convenient gathering place and will also be comforting on colder spring/summer nights. In addition to being a source of heat and light, you can use your fire pit to toast some marshmallows for s’mores! A grill, on the other hand, allows you to barbecue some more substantial food, and it’s also a focal point where everyone will gather to get their food. On warmer summer nights when people might want to spread out rather than crowding in a circle, benches on your deck/patio serve as comfortable seating that keeps people together but gives them space to breathe.
Privacy fences, lighting, seating, and other backyard design improvements all allow you to create a stylish, enticing atmosphere that has both form and function. There’s an infinite number of ways to customize your yard for your preferred style of entertaining. Once you’ve revamped your backyard, you can start showing off your new hangout spot by throwing the coolest (or warmest!) party on the block.

The New Local Reclaimed Wood Spot In Los Angeles!


In Los Angeles, reclaimed wood has gotten especially expensive. Becoming hard to find and harder to afford, most local spots are either over priced or have been thoroughly picked through.

We are excited to announce that Harwell Design is opening up our newly upgraded shop to sell reclaimed wood! Treated and de-nailed we have an assortment of redwood, cedar, pine and more! All with unique textures, shapes and shades to fit nearly any project. 

If you are interested give us a call or swing by the shop.

5555 W. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90016

(Our hours of operation vary so I would advise to call in advance 310-601-6616

We look forward to helping you with your next project that need reclaimed wood.

Introducing Reclaimed Wood Patterns to Our Gates

Pinterest has reported that search inquires for reclaimed wood is on the up swing.  While our style is more on the modern end of the design spectrum we have managed to incorporate the rustic style of reclaimed wood into our modern niche. Recently we were able to show off our reclaimed modern design on a project in Beverly Hills, California. The solid black metal framework compliments and frames the beautiful rustic wood. Also, we offer more than simply outdoor fence and gate work. We also do custom, indoor reclaimed woodwork for homes or businesses.

Give us a call to book your reclaimed wood project.

(310) 601-6616. Or send us an Email

Built To Last

Having problems with a fence you purchased only a few months ago? Harwell Design builds things to last. We can’t help but notice similar looking projects around Los Angeles that won’t/aren’t holding the test of time. At Harwell Design we make sure to build a frame with our fence so that boards to bow and warp. Without these in place your fence will start to bend in just a matter a few months. Our team is trained to know the basics and the small details that matter in building a long lasting fence and gate. Take a look at some of the look-a-likes that we’ve seen driving around Los Angeles and then compare them to the quality of a Harwell Design project. If you are interested in getting a fence that will last give us a call at (310) 601-6616, or send us an email at! 

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Southern California hasn’t seen this much rain in a long time. Wind and floods scattered around Los Angeles and other southern California cities have caused damage to many residential gates and fences. Everything from swelling wood to fences being knocked over by gusts of wind. Most fences that have taken this kind of a beating are usually older fences that may need replacing. However, some damage can be restored and refinished to make look new again. If you are in search to replace or refinish your damaged fence or gate give us a call and sign up for a free estimate! (310) 601-6616. Or Email us at We can’t wait to hear from you and see how we can get your fence or gate looking (and working) like new again! 

Why Wait To Buy A Fence?

Every year people put off doing their fence project until summer. Great weather, typically more time off work, why not right? The only problem with this is that everyone else is thinking it too! So by the time you are ready to start your fence or gate project we will be booked for the rest of the summer. The best advise we can give is start your project today! (While the rain has been an issue for the past couple weeks) we live in sunny southern California! Get your fence project complete in the off-season and you won’t have to worry about construction during the summer. Instead you’ll be worrying about planning a BBQ while getting to enjoy your new fence! If you are ready to book your fencing or gate project give us a call! (310) 601-6616. Or send us an email!! 

Working In Southern California

We love working in Los Angeles, it is home to great weather, scenic beaches and movie stars. And yes, we have had our fair share of run-ins with the actors, singers, and athletes. Will Smith, Dylan McDermott and Fred Armisen are all some of the celebrities that have worked with Harwell Design. We are beyond proud to say we are the company they decided to use to build their fences. 

"It is always a pleasure to work with Harwell Design.  I say "with" because they really make it easy for me to be part of the process.  They care about what they design and build.  I've contracted them a few times for different properties.  They work quickly and completely.  Their designs are so cool!  Reliable and great."
 Fred Armisen

Custom Designs

Over the years we have catered to hundreds of custom projects that range from simple to very elaborate. Our goal is to take challenging designs head on and exceed clients expectations. We start out with a simple sketch and with the help from top designers and skilled craftsman we create a unique gate that will hold up for many years to come. Almost every aspect to our gates are customizable. From the wood we use to the style of frame, we cater to your style. Our welders are used to creating masterpieces and installing them flawlessly. Take a look at these recent creations we have made for local clients. For more information about getting a custom gate give us a call at 310 601-6616 or visit our gallery and browse through the different styles and designs.

New Year, New Look!

Harwell Design is giving itself a makeover! We are getting ready for 2017 by upgrading our warehouse. We have been building a brand new storage room. This room shows off our reclaimed wood designs and we put a faux roof on top! Google also made a trip to Harwell Design last week to photograph our entire warehouse. Now you can take a virtual tour without having to leave your living room! If you are the touch and feel type give us a call to schedule a visit! 310 601-6616.

Adding Equity To Your Home

Looking to increase your home equity? Fences are a an inexpensive way to boost the value of almost any home! Besides increasing the curb appeal and privacy of the home it also gives kids and pets a safe place to play, which can entice many possible buyers. Real Estate experts such as Zillow, 21st Century and Trulia have all suggested adding a fence to your property can help increase it’s value and ability to sell faster. 


Harwell Design has been building fences for home sellers and buyers for as long as we can remember. For a free estimate call us at 310 601- 6616. Or send us an email at

Mid-Century Modern

Harwell Design has made thousands of fences, but among the most popular are the horizontal style. Here in Los Angeles a style of housing that is taking over ins the Mid-Century Modern homes. these homes have sleek modern lines with patterns and decor resembling that of the 1950’s. Many homes have the architecture resembling Richard Neutra or Eero Saarinen. 

Here at Harwell Design we admire these artists and want to contribute to the style of beauty they brought to our culture. Our horizontal fences and gates as mentioned are some of the most popular of our selection. The sharp horizontal lines go well with most modern homes and mesh perfectly with the architecture. 

If you are interested in getting a horizontal fence call our main line (310) 601- 6616. We would love to help you get a free quote! 

DIY - Refinishing

You don't have to replace your dry, warped, twisted, and flaking deck or fence! In nearly all cases it just needs to be refinished. And for hundreds to thousands of dollars less than replacing it.

That doesn't mean just wipe a coat of stain across the planks and hope for the best.

The condition of the wood is important. Wood that has been weathered is dry, splintering, and an open invitation to insects. It also doesn't absorb well.

When we refinish, we sand the planks and posts to get down to the raw wood which absorbs the stain. We seal cracks and putty holes to keep moisture from getting inside. That way we know we're sealing and protecting the material and not putting lipstick on a pig.

It takes a long time but being meticulous adds years to the life of your fence or deck.

We color match to go with your house, your yard, your garden, or your car. And we double coat each surface to ensure the best-looking, longest-lasting finish. It should last you five to seven years before you need to think about refinishing again.

If you're going the DIY route, follow the steps above for the best results. Make sure to sand evenly, especially if you're coating with a transparent stain. That really picks up grain pattern but it also showcases flaws. Be sure to let each coat of stain dry completely. This ensures the best protection and the best look.

(If you try to roll or brush over a layer that is still setting you can pull up sections of drying paint or give it a stucco/stippled texture that looks amateur.)

If you want a top-notch job done by some real swell guys, give us a shout. For more tips, subscribe to this list. Also, check out our Projects Page for all kinds of ideas on Refinishing.

And whatever you do, do NOT replace your deck or fence without talking to us. We can make it look and last like new.

Designer Benches

Here at Harwell Design we don’t cut corners. We inspect every detail of our work to insure that it comes out perfect. Harwell Design is more than just designing fencing and gates, we build furniture (both indoor and outdoor) that matches our unique style. Father and Son team, Arian and Jake Harwell, our in-house Artist and carpenters, spend time each week masterfully designing and crafting custom furniture. 


From now until December 15th we will be featuring his handmade benches. These benches are prefect for any outdoor patio or indoor foyer. Starting at $150, these benches are great idea for any holiday gift. No matter your style or decor Jake and Arian are able to create amazing furniture to stand out and last for years to come. 

We Don't Cut Corners

From the design to the installation of your fence we here at Harwell Design we make sure your fence is made to last. No matter if you ordered a custom design fence or a standard vertical fence all our fences are build to withstand the wear and tear of weather and everyday use. Our workers are all trained to build fences properly, taking pride in their work and not cut corners. All our customers are pleased with the work we do because we care not just about how it looks tomorrow but how it holds up from years to come. You can look at pictures of all our projects on our website.

More Than Meets The Eye

Harwell Design is built around the idea of creativity first. We make sure that everyone in our company is able to express themselves artistically. Fun fact about Harwell Design; many of our employees are DJ’s and perform at local venues (Including Harwell Design). We have carpenters, musicians furniture builders and painters! We love being able to allow our employees opportunities express their talents whenever possible. If you make a visit to our showroom you will see the art all around our shop. We believe in the talent of our employees and try to let them express that as much as possible. Harwell Design is much more than a fence and gate company! Schedule a visit and find out for yourself! 

We Don't Mess Around

We have always done things different here at Harwell Design. If you are doing the same thing everyone else is then you aren’t standing out and standing out is how we want our final product to look. One method in particular that we have used to save our customers the headache of a messy yard, is to pre stain the back of our wood before it arrives on site. This way the only staining that is done on site is the front boards. This method saves time and lowers the risk of spilling on project sites. Other companies wait until they are onsite to paint the back of the boards but this method is prone to spills and accidents. This is just one more way Harwell Design looks out for our customer.