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Deck Refinishing, Fence Refinishing

Los Angeles and Santa Monica Areas

Between sun damage in Los Angeles and water damage closer to the beach in Santa Monica.  Other than termites, there is a lot that can damage your wood deck or fence. With our know-how we can get your faded deck or fence to look new again!

We evaluate each refinishing project and draw out a plan to protect and rejuvenate the wood. We cover screw holes and nail divots to assure a new smooth surface along with applying 2 coats of deck stain/sealant.

Whether your project is big or small we are sure your deck or fence will have new life and will last for years to come.


Isn't it worth it to restore your deck and protect your investment?



We go through a consultation to assess the damage and see where we can save you money on your deck refinishing. There are many refinishing techniques available to transform your deck into something beautiful again and we have perfected many of these techniques. 
REPAIRS: Loose boards are the first thing we look out for. If needed, we can remove the old deck boards and repair the framework underneath the deck. We will replace any rotten wood to reinstate beauty and durability of the structure.

DECK STAIN/SEALANTS: We have options of solid, semi solid or semi-transparent sealants.

We highly recommend the solid stains when doing any type of deck refinishing (outlasts transparent stain by at 3-5 years).

This deck sealer will last approximately 2-3 years -(Transparent type of sealant) Cabot's Australian Timber Oil   

Cabot Stain outlasts most other products...by far!

SEE THIS LINK FOR COLOR CHOICES  (can also be color matched - in Solid Deck Formula only)


Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, BRENTWOOD

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