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Brentwood is a great place to build a fence or add a gate. We are Brentwood's best fencing and gates contractor. We are dedicated to offering the Brentwood area high end, quality fencing, gates, wall extensions, refinishes and more. We are the best fence contractors in Brentwood and work on both residential and commercial projects. We are committed to serving homeowners, business owners, property managers and general contractors. 

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Privacy Can Still Be Beautiful

Believe it or not the #1 thing people care about in the Brentwood area is privacy. We love to give our clients ideas on how to get privacy without compromising the esthetics of their outdoor living space. We don't want to simply put up a wood fence or a block wall. We help you to creatively design exactly what you want. We make it possible for both privacy and beauty to live in the same comfortable and homey space. 

The opaque plexiglas wall topper that is featured here shows the warm glow of the light coming through as it compliments the warmth of the wood.  We offer many variations of the plexiglas look for a beautiful sense of much needed privacy.  Each yard, client and project are unique and there is no space for boring cookie cutter solutions that really are no solution at all. It's time you let us partner with you on your individual ideas we make real for you. Now that is a solution you can live with from Harwell Design!