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As artists and contractors we see plenty of short cuts, but we pride ourselves in having a process and sticking to it. Harwell Design is dedicated to offering the Hancock Park area high end, quality fencinggateswall extensionsrefinishes and more. We are the best fence designers in the area and work on both residential and commercial projects. We are committed to serving business owners, homeowners, property managers, landscape designers and general contractors.

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More Than a Fence or standard custom gate

Our crew is trained in building solid structures made to last and developed a staining process that extends the life of your project. They are trained to develop an artistic eye so they understand the vision for each project. We love being able to build our clients' vision for their landscape. For some that means more privacy, for others that means improving the beautification of their backyard or front yard environment. Whatever your goal is, call Harwell Design to help you accomplish exactly that.  We love hearing your ideas and helping them be fulfilled for you.   

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