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We excel in building the perfect outdoor setting for our clients. Harwell Design is dedicated to offering the Mar Vista , Los Angeles area, high end fencinggateswall extensionsrefinishes and more. We constantly strive to remain the best fence and gate contractors in the area and work on both residential and commercial projects. 

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When Arian Harwell started the business 13 years ago, he discovered  that other fence contractors throughout Mar Vista, Los Angeles move forward so quickly they don't take the time to notice details, or maybe even forget about the details entirely.  

Because of that, we have taken the time needed to not only make the project sturdier and more beautiful, but our focus on details helped us produce a special process for a finish that the final result lasts twice as long!

Not bad for making our own way of standing out from the rest from the git go!  Easy to compare the focus for every fence builders we saw, was to put up a fence as quickly as possible and leave for the next job . 

This kind of building only gives a client a nice looking fence for a few years until the settling starts and sagging and leaning begin.

At Harwell Design we make sure every fence and gate is built to last!

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