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Horizontal Fence Contractor in
Santa Monica

Modern Fence Installation in West Los Angeles

Fences make your property pop. You can create a fence that makes your home stand out or go with something a little more subtle. In Santa Monica, Venice areas...Modern, horizontal, vertical, craftsman, alternating or trimmed, it all looks great with the proper finish. This finishing is our specialty. In the Pacific Palisades area, right next to the ocean, these finishing techniques outlast any other product out there.

On all of our modern fences we pre-stain the frames and boards at our workshop to ensure they are sealed against the elements. We make certain every inch of the fence or gate is sealed up tight using two coats of sealant prior to any installation. This wood stain will last 3-10 years, depending on formula choice: transparent, solid, etc.

Wood types vary, but most of the wood we use is Clear Redwood. Regular boards as well as tongue and groove. On occasion we also use Clear Cedar. The clear in both means that there are not andy knots in the wood and is also very dry. This prevents the fence boards from shrinking or cracking compared to the common redwood that is used in our Mid-Range fences. In the Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades areas, the tongue and groove boards do last quite a bit longer than other wood.

If you need an automatic gate opener for your gate, or possibly an intercom system at your front door, give us a call. We do all types of custom installation

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