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What Is The Best Way To Prevent Termites When Having a Fence Built?

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Pressure Treated Lumber is the best-priced option. This material is fabricated for exterior use. Chemicals are soaked in the wood to keep termites and moisture out. The raw materials are made to resist moisture and insects with out any sealant. We apply two coats of stain/sealant to all of our materials which adds a lot more life to the pressure treated lumber.

If you are currently dealing with an infestation and it is not too far along, it may be possible to salvage the material and refinish the wood.

Redwood also provides protection against insects.  Some Redwood is better protection than others.

  • BEST Protection : Conheart Redwood has natural oils that keeps insects away. This type of lumber is the center portion of the redwood tree and will add cost to your budget. Just like anything, you get what you pay for. Spend more in the beginning and you get a longer lasting product.

  • MEDIUM Protection: Our most common wood for a beautiful finish. Clear Redwood is the selected portion of the tree that does not have knots in it. This wood is dry and the best type of wood for a slick finishes on our Designer Fence and HD fencing categories.

  • MEDIUM Protection: Common Redwood (used in our Mid-Range Fence category - just to let you know, Clear Redwood is also common redwood, just dried out and selected lumber without knots) These are the standard 1 x 6 fence boards providing a much rougher finish. These boards are also contain moisture and will shrink after installation.

50% Off Design Consultations!

Owner: Arian Harwell

Owner: Arian Harwell

You get more than just a meeting about your fence.

Here is what comes with a paid design consultation:

You will receive a fence building education.
My experience with furniture building and custom woodworking starts about 30 years ago. That experience helped me figure out this Los Angeles wood fence business. Before Los Angeles, I was not really a fence builder. I grew up in the artistic world of Northern New Mexico and have been in Los Angeles since 2005. I am so grateful for the skills I have learned in both locations. The fast paced, business driven, modern inspiration from Southern California. Plus the creative, rustic woodworking I learned from the Taos/Santa Fe area. This combination and my family influence, both here in LA and NM, are what delivers you with the best fence and gate quote around.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 9.57.35 AM.png

My visit to your property will provide you with Certainty + Clarity for your peace of mind. You will have an upgraded understanding of what a quality fence installation should be.

Custom building done right takes this fun, innovative way of thinking and that is what we do. The finished product always looks great, or we come back to fix it.

I approach any finishing detail challenges with artistry and creativity, and that is our main commitment. See the Artistry of Harwell on this page.

Make Your Gate Automatic!

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Adding a motor to a driveway gate is a nice add-on to make a gate much more appealing and easy to us. Last thing you want is to get in and out of your car each time you need to open and close your gate. This feature eliminates this time consuming hassle of getting in and out of your car and keeps you focused on more important things, like being on time to where ever you are going. Technology has improved greatly with automatic motors. Now with cell phone technology you can simply drive up and your motor will detect your cell phone and open the gate automatically without any buttons.

We highly recommend automatic motors, especially if you are an apartment complex or business with heavy traffic that needs to keep specific areas secure. For a free estimate on an automatic driveway gate motor click the button below!

What Is The Best Type Of Wood For A Fence?

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Clients ask us all the time, “What is the best type of wood to use for my fence?” So we thought we would take the time and write a blog post about it to help answer the all important question about wood.

Obviously when buying a fence you want your fence to look nice, so ascetics is important. However almost as important, if not more important is how long will the wood last? No one wants to pay top dollar for a fence that falls apart after a few years. Before we get into the different woods we use and suggest we want to make this disclaimer. The longevity of a fence depends on the type of wood but also the owner and how well they take care of the fence.

That said, let’s dig into the top two wood choices. Yes, I know there are more than two different types of wood. However, we want to focus on these two we recommend most in Southern California.

1. Redwood
Redwood is arguably the most extensively used type of wood for wood fencing and even though it comes at a high cost, redwood’s quality, durability, and aesthetic value make it among the best options. Although redwood is resistant to insects and rot, it still should be treated with a stain, preferably clear stain, to preserve its natural beauty, prevent it from turning grayish in color due to aging, and boost its resistance to insects and rot. Constant moisture, freezing, thawing, and dry conditions can damage redwood, so make sure you are aware of surroundings such as sprinkler systems.

2. Cedar
Cedar is an excellent choice of wood for fencing since it contains natural oils which are a deterrent to insects. Cedar wood is a middle-of-the-road option that might better fit a limited budget, and is also rot-resistant, giving it a longer lifespan compared to other types of wood. Treating cedar with a finish such as paint and wood stain prevents it from turning gray, like redwood. Although some people recommend painting cedar with acrylic to protect it from the elements, you won’t have to worry too much about that being that Southern California has very little temperature fluctuations.

Why Accent Fencing is Gaining Popularity

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Los Angeles tends to be trend setters. So it’s no surprise that we get requests for unique designs and colors of fencing all the time. With our fingers on the pulse of fencing trends we have one in particular that we are excited to report on.

Accent Fencing. No, not the little corner fence that frames your grandmother’s cute garden. Fencing that accents to the home color. All white, modern farmhouse styles are popping up everywhere. A smooth mix of Joanna Gains and Mid-Century Modern has exploded in Los Angeles and across the nation. Boring Standard fences just wont work with this unique exterior anymore.

We have been seeing and asked to make fences sharp, smooth and pop. This combination of clean lines and smooth finish coupled with a accent to the home really makes the colors pop and the house in general to stand out!

If you are looking for a fence that completes the look of home give us a call today!

Refinishing May Save You Thousands!

It’s 2019! And with a new year comes new fencing! or at least a new looking fence. So many clients assume they need a new fence because the fence appears to be worn and aged. However the truth is many times all the fence really needs is just to be refinished. In the end this could safe you thousands of dollars!

When refinishing a fence or gate we sand down down the wood until the raw wood is exposed. This takes off the layer of dead or aged wood and gives the board a clear fresh look. After we take off the old stain and 1st layer of wood we apply a new fresh stain to give it a clean look and to protect it from future sun damage.

Refinishing the wood gives your fence new life. It extends the life of your fence and make it look brand new again!

If you are interested in refinishing your fence, gate or deck give us a call today!
(310) 601-6616

Happy Holidays From Harwell Design!

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We here at Harwell Design could not be more thankful to our amazing clients! We thank you all for making 2018 a year of success and creative accomplishments. Our team has built some amazing things over the last year and we are forever grateful that you chose us to help you design and build your dream fence!

We hope that over the holiday season you take time to enjoy the friends and family around you and stay safe.

We thank you all again and wish you a a very happy holiday!

From, Harwell Design

Harwell Design Now Does Commercial Fencing!

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We are so excited to announce we are now entering the world of commercial fencing! For the past 8 years we have helped local residents build and design fencing and gates for their homes. It is with great pleasure that we are opening our doors not just to home owners but now to business owners.

We have enjoyed building residential homes and we will continue to build custom and standard fencing and gates all around Los Angeles. But scaling up to larger project with businesses and government project will be an additional focus to our team.

With our owner and lead designer, Arian Harwell, at the steering wheel, Harwell Design has had the opportunity to invest time in the commercial industry of fencing and gates.

If you own a business and need professional help with designing and building custom fencing and gates we can help you!

Give us a call and schedule a free on-site walk through, or purchase a design consultation with our lead design Arian Harwell.
Call Today (310) 601-6616.

Click Here for a Free Estimate on your next commercial project!

When Is It Time To Get A New Gate?

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Entry Gates and Driveway Gates are something used every day. From pulling out of your driveway to entering or exiting your side yard. It’s very important that these gates are working properly and easily.

Many clients get attached to gates that aren’t functioning correctly. So what are some signs that it is time to get a new gate?

1. A Sagging Gate.
This is probably the most telling of all the signs. If you have a significant sag to your gate it might be time to replace it. After installation a gate may sag but this only accounts for settling and it can be quickly corrected. However if your gate is sagging to the point that it drags or it is not aligned properly to the lock or the posts, that is a big sign that your gate needs to be replaced.

2. Broken or Damaged Framework.
The framework of a gate is very important to how a gate functions. This can also significantly shorten the lifespan of a gate. If you notice a damaged frame get it repaired as soon as possible. If your gate is 5-10 years old and you notice a damaged frame it might be time to replace it entirely.

3. Aged Gate.
If your gate is rusting, or rotting it may be time to replace the boards/ hardware. however if the frame is rusting significantly or the wood is rotting due to 10-15 years you may need to replace your gate.

Making sure your gate is in working condition and can be opened and closed easily is an important thing. If you are looking to replace your current gate or driveway gate, give us a call for a free estimate! (310) 601-6616.

When Is It Time To Replace My Fence?


Many people call us and are unsure about if they need a new fence or simply repair their existing one. Enjoy!

1. Do You Need More Privacy. If you are look to add to your fence for privacy reasons then yes, there is no way around this one without bitting the bullet and purchasing a new fence. Remember to look at height restrictions in your local are to avoid any mid-construction hick-ups.

2. Is Your Fence is Leaning. If your fence is leaning that is one thing, but make note if the posts are leaning. If the posts are straight then you might be in the clear and only need to replace the boards. This could save you a good chuck of change.

3. Is Your Fence Losing It’s Color? If your fence is chipping or losing it’s once vibrant color it may not necessarily need to be replaced. This may just require a refinish. Simply sand and apply a new coat of stain and it will look as good as new.

4. Did Something Fall and Damage Your Fence? Depending on the damage you may or may not need a new fence. More times than not only a section of the fence actually needs to be replaced.

We hope this helped you! If you have more questions about your fence or gate give us a call. (310) 601-6616.


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We are offering for a limited time a special 5% off all projects for new clients. This discount only applies for clients who have yet to schedule an onsite appointment.

Enter the code in the description section when filling out an online free estimate form.

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What Would Raise The Cost of My Project?

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Possible contingencies which may add Labor Charges include but are not limited to: major demolition, digging in concrete, building on a slope, building above 8' tall (from the ground), porous earth, untame/unleashed pets, tree roots, falling branches, sprinkler systems, plumbing, gas lines, old fence posts, buried treasure, crazy neighbors, restricted access to the property, or restricted parking.

We do everything we can to stay true to the final price enclosed on this bid, and most of the time we do; however, please note that there may be additional charges due to unpredictable circumstances.
It should be included in the bid and 99% of the time it is.
We will be in communication immediately for any of these possible circumstances.

  • DIGGING: 90% of the time, these charges only apply to the digging.

We do everything that we can to not charge extra, but the digging process is unpredictable. 
You never know what is under the ground.

Essentially,there is only an increase of price depending on the difficulty of the situation and the amount of time spent.

When Fencing Became an Art

For many, building fences is a job, but to me, building fences and become an art. I grew up in New Mexico where my father was an artist and built custom furniture. At the early age of 12 I began to follow in his foot steps.

My father taught me that building a piece was more than just the functionality of it, but to appreciate the process of building it. Like art, it took creativity, patience and a keen eye. He taught me that art is more than a canvas and paint.

After moving to Los Angeles in the early 2000’s I realized that the fences I was building were more then just a structure to secure and provide privacy, they were pieces of art. This transformation of thinking changed my business forever and we haven’t looked back.

10 Years & Counting - Building Fences in Los Angeles


Designing, building and installing driveway gates in West Los Angeles has kept us pretty busy for the last 10 years. We are so grateful to the clients who have trusted us with their vision and have allowed us to build their dreams. Over the past 10 years we have grown to enjoy this journey of new styles and design challenges. Through these years our teams have come together and build as a real team, we couldn’t be more proud of them and everything they accomplish


While faces have changed over time the one thing that has lasted is our commitment to having the highest standard of craftsmanship and passion for each and every project we do.


Our team is a huge reason we have been as successful has we are and we are so grateful to be able to partner with such an amazing team and crew. Every project inspires us to be more creative.


Check out some of the projects that we are particularly proud of. If you are interested in having us build you a custom fence or gate, send us and email at Info@harwelldesign.com.

Installing Driveway Gates in Beach Cities and Beverly Hills

While fences remain the #1 item we build, coming in a close second are our very popular Driveway Gates. From Sliding to double and single swing, we help both home and business owners all over Los Angeles keep their property secure and protected.


Some of our most frequent clients reside in beach areas and high profile properties. Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Beverly Hills are some of those areas. In Manhattan and Venice Beach most of our clients need help keeping their gates from rusting from the constant sea breeze that eats away at their steel frames. This can cause a very frustrating experience while using your gate. High pitched screeches to sagging and even losing the ability to function properly all together. It’s important to have these frames maintained and in some cases replaced.


In Beverly Hills, where some of our higher profile clients reside, the main concern is safety and privacy. We have always made sure to have high end lock options both functioning as well as cutting edge technology. We also make sure to give these clients the privacy they are looking for while complying with any and all height restrictions and codes.


Driveway Gates in Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach and Venice Beach all reflect a high end look and functionality. We are proud of the the design as well as the longevity our gates provide.

If you are interested in getting a new driveway gate installed at your home or business give us a call today! (310) 601-6616.

The “White Picket Fence”

The “American Dream” is not complete without the white picket fence. While this design has dropped in overall interest, we are alway still just as eager to help someone build their American Dream iconic fence.
Most recently we build a lower style picket fence to still give a modern feel but maintain the iconic look and feel of the white picket fence. Included is the automatic sliding driveway gate that matches the rest of the fence.


Reclaimed Has Been Reborn


Reclaimed wood has made a significant impact in the design and world. We have seen this even bleed into landscaping and exterior design. Bringing it into our fence designs has been inspiring and pushed us to seek elevated styles with reclaimed material. Reclaimed wood has a worn and raw look where each board tells its own story. Collectively you are left with a wooden quilt, reborn to a modern fence, gate or wall extension.

Check out our Reclaimed Wood Page for more information.

See some of our design examples and pick out your favorite pattern or style. If you are interested in creating a one-of-a-kind piece give us a call and we can help create your reclaimed project!

Call our Office: 310-601-6616

Refinish Instead Of Rebuild!


Is your deck looking like it needs a facelift? Are your fence boards looking grey? Are the colors looking dull? Then it might be time to have them refinished. 

We pride ourselves in bringing ageing wood back to life. We always sand off old coats of paint or stain to give your boards new life and a chance to look brand new again! 

Our crew is trained in knowing how to sand correctly and using the right grit for the right wood type and density. A wood that is recommended to not stain at all is Ipe -a very dense wood that actually looks best if it is not stained to start with because it maintains its original look without the stain.  Unfortunately many designers do not know that and have clients choose stain colors.  Often, it causes an unwelcome problem to learn this lesson.  It can be done but the wood itself is already quite expensive and dealing with an inappropriate finish can cause a lengthy and labor intensive effort that doesn't improve the looks very much and that finish also does not maintain well, so the whole tedious process needs redone in a few years.  Helping our clients learn about the nature of a certain wood of interest helps our customers select their wood and designs for a lasting and fitting finish. 

We are here to answer questions about your dream wood that help you be happier with your intended result.

For more pictures that stimulate ideas as well as provide a selection for choice, visit our website HDrefinish.com. You can send us your info and we will schedule a time to visit your project so we can send you an estimate. Give us a call today! 310-601-6616.


Modern Fencing In Los Angeles


Sleek, black and modern have always been in popular demand! We are happy to offer custom wall extensions, fencing and gates! This is a custom project with horizontal wall extensions to give more privacy in the front yard along with an entry gate. 


This gate was designed to fit around the existing stucco wall. It is a simple unique design that is subtle, yet handsome and works well with the exterior of the home!