When Is It Time To Get A New Gate?

Modern Driveway Gate Harwell Design.png

Entry Gates and Driveway Gates are something used every day. From pulling out of your driveway to entering or exiting your side yard. It’s very important that these gates are working properly and easily.

Many clients get attached to gates that aren’t functioning correctly. So what are some signs that it is time to get a new gate?

1. A Sagging Gate.
This is probably the most telling of all the signs. If you have a significant sag to your gate it might be time to replace it. After installation a gate may sag but this only accounts for settling and it can be quickly corrected. However if your gate is sagging to the point that it drags or it is not aligned properly to the lock or the posts, that is a big sign that your gate needs to be replaced.

2. Broken or Damaged Framework.
The framework of a gate is very important to how a gate functions. This can also significantly shorten the lifespan of a gate. If you notice a damaged frame get it repaired as soon as possible. If your gate is 5-10 years old and you notice a damaged frame it might be time to replace it entirely.

3. Aged Gate.
If your gate is rusting, or rotting it may be time to replace the boards/ hardware. however if the frame is rusting significantly or the wood is rotting due to 10-15 years you may need to replace your gate.

Making sure your gate is in working condition and can be opened and closed easily is an important thing. If you are looking to replace your current gate or driveway gate, give us a call for a free estimate! (310) 601-6616.

Arian Harwell, Lead Designer

I grew up building custom furniture in Taos, New Mexico with my Dad. We did it all. When we moved west we liked the weather and decided to build outdoors. Over the years we met a bunch of skilled craftsmen who like making fences and gates with us.