Los Angeles Deck, Fence and Gate Refinish

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Before you tear down your wood deck, fence or gate and build a new one, ask yourself if you really need a new one?

More times than not, all it needs is a good refinish. Living in Los Angeles we all know that the sun beats down on wood and quickly dries it out and can take the color and life out of your deck. Our crew is trained to know how to refinish different types of wood to restore it to look new again. Our process is simple and effective. We access the wood and locate any boards that need to be replaced or patched. Then we sand off a layer so the wood will soak in any new stain. Lastly, we apply 2 coats of your stain choice to give your deck, fence or gate the new and lasting life. 

To view our process and our work go to our refinish                                                                   website www.hdrefinish.com