Refinish Instead Of Rebuild!


Is your deck looking like it needs a facelift? Are your fence boards looking grey? Are the colors looking dull? Then it might be time to have them refinished. 

We pride ourselves in bringing ageing wood back to life. We always sand off old coats of paint or stain to give your boards new life and a chance to look brand new again! 

Our crew is trained in knowing how to sand correctly and using the right grit for the right wood type and density. A wood that is recommended to not stain at all is Ipe -a very dense wood that actually looks best if it is not stained to start with because it maintains its original look without the stain.  Unfortunately many designers do not know that and have clients choose stain colors.  Often, it causes an unwelcome problem to learn this lesson.  It can be done but the wood itself is already quite expensive and dealing with an inappropriate finish can cause a lengthy and labor intensive effort that doesn't improve the looks very much and that finish also does not maintain well, so the whole tedious process needs redone in a few years.  Helping our clients learn about the nature of a certain wood of interest helps our customers select their wood and designs for a lasting and fitting finish. 

We are here to answer questions about your dream wood that help you be happier with your intended result.

For more pictures that stimulate ideas as well as provide a selection for choice, visit our website You can send us your info and we will schedule a time to visit your project so we can send you an estimate. Give us a call today! 310-601-6616.