To Add A Motor, Or To Not Add A Motor?

That is the question. Our Clients ask us all the time, “Should we add a motor to our driveway gate, or leave it as a manual open gate?’ In this blog we will discuss the pro’s and cons of both sides of the fence so that when you are purchasing a new driveway gate you will be able to make a clear and educated decision about your gate.

Driveway gates are great for many reasons. Most of our clients use driveway gates to separate their front yard and back yard. Others add a gate to secure and protect their front yard. No matter if you are trying to add a gate for security or convenience here are few things to know before you have anything installed.

Like with most things, this is not a clear yes or no answer. The true answer is, it depends. Many homes have different layouts and home owners have many different preferences when it comes to the exterior layout of their home. Figuring out the placement of your driveway gate is the most important detail to have nailed down. You local gate installer (cough cough… Harwell Fence & Gates Inc) will be able to help you determine what might benefit you the most with layout and traffic flow. 

The perks of adding a motor to your driveway gate are fairly obvious. The convenience of pushing a button vs. getting out and opening or closing the gate for every entrance and exit. But the convenience does come with a cost. Reliable motors with quality installation can run between $3,000 - $4,000 (not including the cost of the gate). However this could save you some much time and as we all know, time is money.

Gates come in all kinds of styles and designs so make sure you feel out a builder that matches your style and budget. I know that many clients can be sticker shocked by the cost but if there is one thing I have learned, it’s don’t go with the cheapest option. You always get what you pay for. The last thing you want is a gate that lasts you a year and then the repair bills begin to rack up. 

Manual gates are great too! This option leaves you with a gate that looks just link the motorized option however it will lower the cost of your project by a significant amount. If you are on the fence about which choice to make, sometimes the best option is to get a manual and if you want to add a motor later, when your budget allows, add the motor then.

We hope this article helped you. We specialize in Driveway Gate installation so feel free to call us to schedule a free design consultation. Call us at (310) 601-6616. 

Arian Harwell, Lead Designer

I grew up building custom furniture in Taos, New Mexico with my Dad. We did it all. When we moved west we liked the weather and decided to build outdoors. Over the years we met a bunch of skilled craftsmen who like making fences and gates with us.