How Harwell Does Entry Gates

The entry gate is often called the eyes of the home. It is the first thing your guests will notice and often forgotten about by the owner. Here at Harwell Design we take pride in every project we take on, but are especially excited when an entry gate project comes through our doors. Everything from design to the building process we enjoy every second of it. More times than not the owner is surprised at the huge difference an entry gate can make in the appearance of their home. With over 30 years of experience our owner, Arian Harwell, makes sure every project is up to his standard of work. Every detail, from the finish to the locks are built and installed to perfection. If you are interested in getting an entry gate, or perhaps replacing your entry gate give us a call (310) 601-6616. Or send us an email at We would love to hear from you and see how we can build you an awesome entry gate!  

Arian Harwell, Lead Designer

I grew up building custom furniture in Taos, New Mexico with my Dad. We did it all. When we moved west we liked the weather and decided to build outdoors. Over the years we met a bunch of skilled craftsmen who like making fences and gates with us.