We Don't Mess Around

We have always done things different here at Harwell Design. If you are doing the same thing everyone else is then you aren’t standing out and standing out is how we want our final product to look. One method in particular that we have used to save our customers the headache of a messy yard, is to pre stain the back of our wood before it arrives on site. This way the only staining that is done on site is the front boards. This method saves time and lowers the risk of spilling on project sites. Other companies wait until they are onsite to paint the back of the boards but this method is prone to spills and accidents. This is just one more way Harwell Design looks out for our customer. 

Arian Harwell, Lead Designer

I grew up building custom furniture in Taos, New Mexico with my Dad. We did it all. When we moved west we liked the weather and decided to build outdoors. Over the years we met a bunch of skilled craftsmen who like making fences and gates with us.